Node-red-contrib-persist nodes not working after Node-RED upgrade


After doing an apt-get-update/upgrade on my RPi all persist nodes in my flows are non functionnal and Node-RED generated warnings upon starting:

[warn] [] Deprecated use of "nodes-started" event from "/home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-persist/persist.js:164:20". Use "flows:started" instead.

I changed both occurences of nodes-started to flows:started in the persist.js file and no longer got the warning upon starting but my persist stores still didn't work so I deleted them and created new a one.

The persist store appears to have been created successfully but when I write to it and try to restore its content I get nothing. No error message either...

Where can I find these files and can I check if they are indeed getting written to?

Any ideas how to fix this short of performing a clean reinstall of Node-RED?


NOTE: So I found the location of the persist files (home/pi by default duh!...) and they are indeed getting written to so I guess this means the persist IN nodes are working as expected. I can't however get anything out of the persist OUT nodes it seems. I connected a debug node to my persist OUT node and nothing comes out when I press the restore button.

You could use persistent context. It is easily setup in settings.js (see node-red documentation)

Alternatively, post an issue on the GitHub repository: Issues · DeanCording/node-red-contrib-persist · GitHub - however the author seems to be unresponsive so you may not get anywhere with that.