Node-red-contrib-re-postgres does not work on android-termux

I'm using an architecture based on node-red and postgresql to be used indifferently for various platforms: windows, raspberry, cloud and android (termux). On android-termux the postgresql db works, but on node-red the node-red-contrib-re-postgres node doesn't work; even if I insert messages, the node doesn't show any sign of life. I specify that making cross platform node-red(windows) and postgresql(android), it works.

Translated with (free version)

I think that you will need to contact the author of that node as your requirement is fairly specific.

Thanks for the pointer.
How can I contact maxboar?
I can't find any address to send my report to.
Thanks for everything.

If you look it up on the flows site it will hopefully be linked to GitHub. If so, you can raise an issue there.

Thanks, I submitted.

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