Node-red-contrib-re-postgres: "The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:"

Dear all, I have a properly working flow that inserts sensor data into a Postgres table. I already have 38.000 rows.

However, every time I deploy my flow, NR warns me that the Postgres node (node-red-contrib-re-postgres) is not configured properly. TBH, that node is fairly simple, there's not much to go wrong: Postgres host IP:port, db name, user and pwd. I have only one instance of that node. SSL is an option, but i cannot use it here so that cannot be either.

Any suggestions? I do not have access to the host OS (Ubuntu), unfortunately so I cannot check anything there.


Does the node show a red triangle in the workspace? If so, when you hover the mouse over it you'll get a tooltip telling you what property is flagged as invalid.

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Thanks a lot, Nick! I forgot that hoover thing.

The popup said the problem was with the number of rows returned. It was light grey "1" on the Properties page. I clicked on the up arrow to increase it. It changed to black "1" and now the red triangle disappeared. Obviously, it was a cosmetic bug in the node.

Thanks a lot for your quick help!

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