Node-red-contrib-redplc-ntptime : ntptime


i want to work with a NTP-Server and for that i use node-red-contrib-redplc-ntptime.
Its giving me the time but not very stable. The inject-node injects the global var every 1 sec into the flow.
What i dont understand is:
Why is it working so inefficient? If you look at the Debuglog i think you will understand what i mean.
It either not giving me the right time or when it does its delayed.


Why do you want to read NTP every second?
Most of the time you use NTP ones or twices a day to update the system clock.

It was just an idea i wanted to try out.

Whoever owns that NTP server is going to get seriously annoyed with you. It could well look like a DOS attack.

I actually can't think of a single valid reason for needing to interact with an NTP server from Node-RED if I'm being honest. NTP is a very low-level OS thing and rarely needs to be messed with. Even on embedded systems, setting it up is trivial.

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