Pretty new to node-red. I have a couple of small personal project under my belt. I'm currently working on a notification system that I would like to send SMS messages using our Ring Central account. I'm using the node-red-contrib-ring-central node. In the sms-send node it has the Config (which I have configured), Recipient and Name.

I'm reading the list of phone numbers out of the text file and treating them as a stream and would like to send a text to everyone of those numbers. The problem is this, I can't figure out how to send the phone number that I read from the text file over to the send-sms as a variable.

It works if I hard code my phone number, but I have tried sending it as a msg.recipient or msg.Recipient and nothing seems to work. The error that I get is "Error: Parameter [to.phoneNumber] value is invalid". So then I tried to send the number to and that didn't work either. using a change rule how could I send it to to.phoneNumber or would I need to write a function for that?

Looking at the source code this node does not accept a variable phone number, only the number set in the config.

You could raise an issue and request the phone number input be a typedInput or permit a msg property to set it.

Thank you for verifying that I was not going crazy. I have submitted an issue asking just that.

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