Node-red-contrib-smartmeter doesnt works on Raspi Zero

I used the node-red-contrib-smartmeter on a Raspi 3B and it works fine.

Now i want to run the flow on an Raspi Zero but i cant install the node-red-contrib-smartmeter package on it!

NPM Verion is V6.7.0
NodeJs Version is actually V10.23.1

Isn`t possible to install the Packe on the Zero ?

Welcome to the forum @DrS1981.
Please open a terminal and go to your .node-red folder and run
npm install node-red-contrb-smartmeter
If it fails then copy/paste the result here (not screen shot of possible please). Use the </> button at the top of the forum entry window when you paste it in.

Hi Colin,

thanks for your answer. After many tries finally it works know. At first there was a Warning and some errors but now i could install it.

Nevertheless thanks

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