Hi Guy's, has anyone used the node-red-contrib-smartthings nodes, as i cant for the life of me figure out how to use them. i have link them to my smartthings account using the token needed and can change the device within the nodes, i can get an output from the device if i change the device and click deploy to update, other than that i get output datestamp, also have redred smartapp running and i think configured correctly.

I have tried Node 1: inject node, payload = datestamp, topic = update.
Node 2: Motion node(node-red-contrib-smartthings), Device = Multisensor HW.
Node 3: Debug node, Output = msg.payload.

Any help much appreciated Mark

Did you look at the documentation and the open/closed issues ?

The update process, after the deploy, will only happens within the SmartApp.

Do you have configured the SmartApp at SmartThings?

Get a look here on how to debug the communication between the SmartApp
and the NodeRed WebHook:

There is this issue also... which originate the debug documentation:

they may help you.

Otávio Ribeiro

Hi thanks for reply, it's an address problem, as i'm new to this part of node red, i have had this working on home assistant and nabucasa which is the hs version of ngrok, so i have opened an account on ngrok, and have the tunnel working, now just have to figure out the rest. wish me luck lol.