Hi Guy's, has anyone used the node-red-contrib-smartthings nodes, as i cant for the life of me figure out how to use them. i have link them to my smartthings account using the token needed and can change the device within the nodes, i can get an output from the device if i change the device and click deploy to update, other than that i get output datestamp, also have redred smartapp running and i think configured correctly.

I have tried Node 1: inject node, payload = datestamp, topic = update.
Node 2: Motion node(node-red-contrib-smartthings), Device = Multisensor HW.
Node 3: Debug node, Output = msg.payload.

Any help much appreciated Mark

Did you look at the documentation and the open/closed issues ?

The update process, after the deploy, will only happens within the SmartApp.

Do you have configured the SmartApp at SmartThings?

Get a look here on how to debug the communication between the SmartApp
and the NodeRed WebHook:

There is this issue also... which originate the debug documentation:

they may help you.

Otávio Ribeiro

Hi thanks for reply, it's an address problem, as i'm new to this part of node red, i have had this working on home assistant and nabucasa which is the hs version of ngrok, so i have opened an account on ngrok, and have the tunnel working, now just have to figure out the rest. wish me luck lol.

Hi Y'all! I've read this thread as well as the documentation, and am now going to completely expose myself as a rank newbie stumbling around in the dark. I don't really even have webhooks figured out, and realize I may be way past my pay grade on this one.
I can generally follow directions, but here's where I'm seeking help: I'm configuring, and have gotten so far as copying and pasting the code.

I installed Node-Red from the Supervisor of Home Assistant, and have been successful at making a few flows so far. So my question is essentially how do I locate the "public address" of my Node-Red instance?
Forgive me for my naivete.

It may be a question better asked in the Home Assistant forum - how they recommend exposing their system.

Hi, I'm totally new to Node Red. But got the Smarthings nodes running and working. But I can get the webhook to work only over the internet. I don't have a Smartthings bridge anymore and the only thing I want is to get the updates from my washer to Openhab. This is working but my question is is it only possible to use the local webhook if you have the Smartthings bridge? Or does the smart app on my phone triggers this in your local network?