How to include git in a Node-RED Docker Instance

I'm trying to install node-red-contrib-smartthings node from @otaviojr but am running into some issues. I'm currently running node-red in docker via docker-compose and I can't seem to figure out how to add git after the fact to the container. I do have git installed to the host system, but that isn't helping.

The reason why I need to install git is because that is apparently how this node was coded. After reviewing this thread as well as the issues page on @otaviojr github, it looks like the the solution is to just install git. Except I can't seem to figure out how to do that.

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Well, this is really a new thread and should be started as such if you want to carry on (I think I can move it if you want me to).

Yes, you need to have everything you need inside the container. Or you can compose several containers together so that they share various resources. Rather beyond the reach of this forum probably though.

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If you have mounted your data directory outside of the container on the host (so it is preserved) then you may be able to mount it on the host side (where you have git) - and run the install that side.

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I have node red installed in a container, and i installed node-red-contrib-smartthings through the palette manager and it works fine, if you want to use git, you need to create a new config file on the host machine for node red, then copy that into the node red container replacing the old one, so node red knows where git is or install node red on the host machine, seems a lot of work for nothing.

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This was a great suggestion. Worked perfectly.

Lmao couldn't agree more. Cheers!

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