Setting up remote branch

I am trying to setup a node-red project for the first time and I'm a little confused on how I get node-red to push to my origin. Under Menu->Projects->Project Settings->Settings, I have added a git remote to my local gitlab server I have setup.

But when I attempt to select a remote, I get an error.

Node-Red is running within Docker so I'm not sure where to edit this file. Do I need to bind my users know-host file into the node-red container?


So I tired what was said for the known_hosts file and still didn't work. So the only thing I can do is use username/password based authentication? I guess that's fine.

There really should be stuff in the docs that covers this

Perhaps. But it is more of a docker thing than a node-red thing isn't it?

Ps, please feel free to raise a docs pull request with pertinent info. It would be gladly received.

Yea that is true but I would say since they offer official dockers images it should be something that is covered.

As far as PRing the docs, I would but I’m still not 100% there. Still don’t have ssh keys working, just basic authentication

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