Node-red project and github



I'm trying to use node-red project and I think I managed to fit it correctly locally despite I can't find a .git file in my ~/.node-red folder. (If somebody can tell where is the .git file)

But Now I would like to push it to github and I don't know how to do it.!
I have this window showed in picture, but from what I understand, I don't have the obligation to create an ssh key. I think I can also join github by entering my password somewhere ?

In case it is obliged to create an ssh key, what kind of name and passphrase should I give ? The passphrase would be specific for when I'm using node-red, isn't it ?
Here is the image !



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Node-RED creates your project under ~/.node-red/projects/<name-of-project> - that is the directory that is the git repo.

To push your project to github you need to first create an empty repository on github. Do not initialise it with any files.

Github will then give you the git url for your repo. You can pick from an HTTPS or SSH style url. If you don't want to use ssh keys, then pick the HTTPS url

In the Project Settings dialog you can add that url as a Git Remote for the project.

Does that help?



Yes I guess I'm getting closer but still : How do I push to github then ?

I created an empty repo on github:

I've filled the appropriate field in node-red settings :

But now I don't know how to push to github.
Should I do it with command line ?
I'm also beginner with git. Sorry for asking so many question.



No, do it in the History tab, there are three windows, with <+all> on first - loca, then Changes to commit - button <commit>, and lastly, open the <Commit History> at the bottom, from here, commit to the repo, once you have setup your SSH Keys in Settings > Git Config, and instructions above.



Exuse me ! I think I'm finally done with the remote ! following message has no need any more !

Sorry but I still don't see a push button.
I think I've committed locally, but nothing has been push to the remote repo (github):
The only option I have from node-red GUI interface :
My github repo :

My node-red settings :



You need to click on the button with the two arrows in to open up the remote dialog - as shown at this point in the demo video: