How to connect Node-RED projects to Github

Hi everyone
I wanted to start using Projects and created an empty Repository on Github. I then used the https link but my credentials are not being accepted in Node-RED.
I then tried to use ssh-key, but then I am told

The repository host key could not be verified. Please update your known_hosts file and try again.

When I substitute the ":" in the ssh link with a "/" I get the error

Authentication required for repository:

But I entered the ssh_key Git Config under settings.

Does anybody have a good how-to or knows what the issues are? I would prefer to use the https approach, if that is still supported.

Thank you

Solved it

  1. Create an empty git repo (empty!)
  2. In Github under Settings - Developer Settings create a new token (classic) with repo access (might also need projects, I don't know, so I added it)
  3. In Node-RED under Project Settings add the https link
  4. Under Node-RED history select the two arrows and then Remote Branch
  5. When asked for your credentials enter your username as you normally would and then enter your token as password.
  6. Select to push to that repo and you are done


Quick questions though:

  • Do I have to manually store the access credentials somewhere? I restarted my server last night and now I had to re-enter my username and token again.
  • Despite having set to automatic updating, I always have to manually push my changes. Is there a second setting somewhere that I need to enable to really commit on Deplay?

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