Push to git problem

Trying to setup a push to git
What i did
enabled projects
did project settings and credentials
set git remote with https

from hamburger menu settings>Git config>create ssh key
copied ssh key to git page Deploy keys and give write access

then go to project history +all
commit history
then click Remote : None

then i get Authentication required for repository
when i use my login credentials for git i get the same screen again and again...

i do something wrong but no idea what.

changed from https to ssh://

Then it gives me the SSH key that i have made
And asks for Passphrase, when i enter the Passphrase of the key then i get the screen again

also did a node-red-restart, no succes

If you are using https with github, then you need to use your username and a Personal Access Token you've generated in your GitHub account - they no longer let you use your regular github password for https access.

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Thanks, now i get no question again, but i cannot see files on git after pushing push
Is there a munual for setting this up? Cannot find it

With the https i got it running
Problem was a hidden email address, the logs helped me with that.

Now i set up a test with laptop (osx ) and a pi
I added something on my laptop a text node and updated it to git

on my pi i do a pull
this give me the error below

An unexpected error occurred:

Cannot read property 'fetch' of undefined

code: unexpected_error

fixed with a reboot.

last question.
is it possible to add a folder with images to the sync?

Seeing the same thing. I've created a key in the NodeRed general settings, I see the keypair in ~/.node-red/projects/.sshkeys folder and have added the public key to my Github keys in Account Settings. I attempt to Manage Remote branch that I've added in the Project Settings as ssh://git@github.com:ikidd/"myreponame".git and it says authentication required and just keeps showing my SSH Key in the dropdown but never logs in. If I cancel, it doesn't let me choose a branch or create an origin:main link.

I've added the github public key for their SSH host to known_hosts in the service users .ssh folder by attempting an ssh login to git@github.com and saying Yes when it verifies the identity of the server.

I've changed the remote repo between private and public and restarted nodered, does not seem to help.

I have had this work, but had to do some manual git linking at the projects local repo folder and still had to come into the NR page and link them, but at least at that point it prompted me to Create origin:main link to click on.

I'd prefer to figure out whatever method the Project developers were thinking of to get these repos to link and enable pushes.

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