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Playing around with git ia have many questions :wink:
But most hard for now are
a. how or were do i set git remote? In older post i see this option on the tab but cannot find it now
b. is it possible to protect you flow with a password?
c. is there a command to download latest changes from github? So i can create a dashboard button to download?
d. is there a page with more info about node-red and git besides ?

a node-red-stop - start has given me the git credentials :wink:
So created a repository , made a ssh and saved this as deploy key on git
Now when i want to push i get the pop up with the ssh key and need to enter the passphrase
But no matter what passphrase i enter it is wrong :frowning:
I guess this is the passphrase of the ssh key?

so question is, what do i need to enter there?

tried it again from scratch without sucees again...

why is that in bold??

ok... # gives you bold i learned today

the problem was the network settings, i am working on vpn and at home
so the problem had nothing to do with the passphrase but with the network settings so i coulndt connect to git

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