Issue connecting to github with ssh

Trying to connect my Node- RED project to github. Got as far as pushing to remote: master button to connect, to the git project , then I receive a passphrase screen for the ssh key I provided and regardless of whether I generated the key with or without passphrase it will always loop after entering the passphrase and hitting retry.

I tried the same key with the command line and it works fine:
wolfgang@raspberrypi:~ $ ssh -T -i ~/.node-red/dev/projects/.sshkeys/**********
Hi WolfgangKnobloch! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

Any idea why Node-RED loops here?

OK, found the the bug myself. The issue often sits in front of the screen.
I used the wrong format to link to github via ssh .
Go to ->projects->projects settings->settings

and add the remote server repository as follows:
Name of remote server repository : any useful name for you, e.g. "origin"
URL :"github-userid"/"Project-Name".git

I document this here in the hope it may help another newbie to github.

It may also help to have that format documented in the help in Node-Red Project Settings.

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