Uploading to git (not) working


I'm trying to upload my node-red project to github
I configured node-red like in the documentain
and in node-red everything looks fine and working (stage/commit) on errors
also if I lock in history I can see the commits

but I can not find the project in github

Is there an way to put on more logging or so to see what the problem is
and why is node-red acting like there is no problem?


Creating a project in Node-RED doesn't automatically create a repository in GitHub - the repository only exists on your local device.

If you want to connect it to a GitHub Repository you need to create it your self and connect it to your Node-RED project:

  1. Create the repository on GitHub - without initialising it with any files
  2. Copy the git url for your new repository
  3. In Node-RED, open the Project Settings dialog, go to the Settings tab and click the 'add remote' button.
  4. Enter the git url for the new remote (leave the name as 'origin')

Once that is all done, you'll be able to push your changes to GitHub:

  1. In the Commit History section of the sidebar tab, you should now see a button with a pair of arrows - that is the remote repo button. Click on it and you should have an option to push changes to the remote.

thanks already for your help

I have added the github repository url
but now if i get to the Commit History the icon is added
but it keeps giving an login window

You need to create an Personal access token in your Git account and enter it as your Username in the login window. A password is not necessary.

On Git look under Settings - Developer settings, to create the token.

I got it to work (I think)
I have files in my repository

thanks for al your help

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