Projects with local git server

Hi, i'm struggling getting projects to connect with local git server, connecting to github works fine

Running latest/fresh install of nodered in docker, using the official guide.
I'm trying to connect to local git server running on synology also tried to connect to another standard ubuntu machine, running git server.
I've copied NR public ssh key to server and done likewise with a local pc for testing purpose, am able to connect with ssh from local machine to both git servers
With local machine I can clone repo (though it's empty), but no luck with NR
Trying to connect I get authentication error, trying to connect with the ubuntu server but with synology i can create connection but trying to switch to remote branch it just hangs nothing happens

I suspect it's permission issues in both cases

Also i'm unable to find the path in docker for .ssh as explained in user guide


Any help is appreciated, sorry if it's a bit confusing, been at it since yesterday...

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