Node-red-contrib-smb issue


i am using node red v1.0.3 ( i cannot update it) and the node-red-contrib-smb is 1.2.0

I have developed a dashboard in which i an able to create (at designated times) some csv and json files containing some information acquired from OPC UA server.

the current setup is the following:
i have a gateway device connected to a switch in which i have the device used in order to obtain node red. Hence i am able to get to the device via the gateway from an external pc

On node red, i have developed a dashboard which is able to create some csv file containing the daily information. I want my csv files to be downloadable on windows so that i can get something like a daily report.
I have tried using this smb node but i am finding some issues in configuring it.

how should i configure it in order to download the csv files locally on windows inside the local download folder ? (supposing not to have a shared folder like a nas).

Suppose that i have a shared folder on a nas : i have tried to create some folders an files on that nas but i could not achieve a solution and i am a bit stuck. Can someone help me?

Present download links on the dashboard and use a HTTP-in ~ HTTP-Response nodes to create an end point.


And instead of saving files on the device, you can generate the CSV on the fly and present it in the same way using HTTP-in ~ HTTP-Response nodes to generate and end point where data can be delivered to the client

Hello Steve-Mcl,

i have tried your approach following the proposed example ( i did not do any modification to it ): i am able to see the dashboard page where i have the two .log files that can be downloaded but , as i press on the link, the following page appears

this is a page of the device (on which there is node red mounted) that i am using. It looks like i am not able to perform any download. Do you have any hints?

That is to be expected since ...

The notes on that demo flow explicitly state

  • The base folder on your server is setup in the function node Set base path. Adjust this to point at the folder from where the files you wish to server are saved.

That statement is incorrect. You have 2 hyperlinks that request files that probably dont exist.
Look inside the template - these two links are hard coded to request fixed files.

As I inferred in my original reply - that was an "example" (i.e. not a complete solution)


This demo is a more complete demo...

Again, you will need to adjust parts of it to make it read files from a specific directory on YOUR device (i.e. not a random windows type folder)

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