Node-red-contrib-socrata v0.0.7 updated



updated to v0.0.7

for changelog and other details, please refer to the github repo:

Socrata is an open data service often used by the government sector in providing public data online. This node simplifies the connection to any Socrata API endpoint and also allows SoQL (Socrata Query Language) to be written in the node as JSON.

A Test Query button in this node also makes it easier to test out your SoQL queries without constantly re-deploying your flows.

The node provides two discrete outputs – a JSON object containing the results, and a row count of the results, which may be useful for iterating through the result set

For more information on the Socrata API:

Like node-red-contrib-particle, I reckon this node has gone through sufficient rounds of tests in my classrooms for me to post this belated release announcement here :slight_smile: