I create a simple node which can be used to translate an array input to an sql command.
So you can easily change the definition of the sql command via the array.
Select, insert, delete and update commands are possible.

Hi, nice idea and one I'd probably try at some point.

Couple of things though. Your node has no license attached (according to npm) so most people won't be able to use it.

Also, it does really help to link the module to GitHub so that people can review the actual code and raise issues if needed.

Thanks for your feedback. I just added a license and also publish the code on github.
Hope that its fine now :slight_smile:


I can't seen to figure out how to SELECT all records in db table. Can yo help. Thanks, Dan

There is an example in the readme showing how to do that, but why would you want to use this node for such a simple task. All you need is select * from table

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Okay Thank you