I try to work with node-red-contrib-spark not communicate with cisco webex team. but I get a 400 request error. I get a temporary beare token from the web
I try to create the message from api node, it inject this json in the input:

    "body": {
        "toPersonEmial": "",
        "text": "HOLA DESDE NODE-RED"

and this is the error:

error 400: Message destination could not be determined. 
Provide only one destination in the roomId, toPersonEmail, or toPersonId field | trackingId: ROUTERGW_a02f391d-58a4-480b-9089-ac94f2ff3e22

can someone help me, thanks

Is that a typo, should it be "ToPersonEmail" ?

I get the same error with that change

Note the spelling and capitalisation in the error :point_down: Vs what you have :point_up:


if it was a typo. the 400 error was not the same, confusion.
It seems that you can't send a message to the same email configured as profile name, I changed the email and it worked. thank you.

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