Ive upgraded to 0.19.5 and the node-red-contrib-batcher is not working



I've upgraded to node-red 0.19.5 and the node-red-contrib-batcher is not working. Apparently it doesn't work with the new version of node-red. Does anyone know of a node that does the same thing?

I use it to batch up messages before sending them onto IBM cloud service. The cloud services doesn't like receiving too many messages.



You asked this in #dashboard but as it isn't about the dashboard nodes I've moved it into #general.

When you say you've upgraded, how did you upgrade? Did you also upgrade Nodejs?

There is nothing in the notes for that node , and no-one has opened an issue about it not working in Node-RED 0.19.x

When you restart Node-RED what do the logs say? Could you post them here?


ok, so i re-installed the module npm install node-red-contrib-batcher and restarted node-red using pm2 and it now works. Much have been a bug with the update. I didnt log how i ran the update and cant remember sorry, anyway its fixed now :slight_smile: