Some node installs failing


I have my working Node-Red setup on RPI3, bang up to date, I just used the pallette manager and updated a few modules. But, feedparser, twitter and RBE are just not having it... so user pi, I even stopped NR, went into the /home/pi/.node-red directory and did npm install node-red-node-twitter etc, one at a time. No obvious errors. But.. bsck into NR (and chrome browser refresh on my PC) - those three are still not updated. This is new, about a month or so ago, last time I did a complete update, everything was up to date.

Thoughts anyone?



There’s other posts about this in the forum.
They were historically globally installed

The upgrade script on the Node-RED website deletes and reinstalls these locally so that the palette option can then work.



I should know better by now. Did that - started NR, works a treat. Now backing up with the wonderful:

sudo rpi-clone -U sda

and I'm back in business.

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Pete, you would be better off uninstalling them and reinstalling correctly (without global).

Not only will you not have the same problem in the future, you will find it easier to create a new instance if ever you need to and your system will be slightly more secure.



Isn’t that what the update script does?



Not in this case.

Node-RED has been installed globally - which is perfectly good and proper. The Node-RED module pulls in the twitter, rbe and serial nodes - also as global. It is those modules that Pete is asking about. This is not about other modules he has manually installed globally.

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I just need to be careful, this isn't a test rig, it's a complex, many page setup running the house. Thank heavens for rpi-clone.

The script fixed everything - next time those modules need updating I'll check and if still global I'll take your aaadvice0 many thanks... doesn't RBE come with NR? In which case why is it installed globally? I think I added Twitter myself ages ago?

As far as I'm aware I never intentionally install anything globally.



You installed node-red globally. It pulls in twitter/rbe/serial as global modules.

With 0.19.5 if you then manually install those modules (via command line) as 'local' modules, Node-RED will load those in preference to the global ones - you do not need to remove or modify the global modules at all.

In 0.20 you will be able to upgrade globally installed modules via the Palette Manager in the editor - it will install the newer version as a local module which gets loaded in preference to the globally installed one.



0.2.0 - That will be really nice and not before time..

I’ll check this out with 0.19.5 – thanks.