Any further love for the Pushbullet node?

Just installed the pushbullet node (unusually, it's marked as maintained by @knolleary & @dceejay)
The receive node appears to reset NodeRed (It goes unavailable for 30 seconds) on certain results such as
"TypeError: Cannot read property 'title' of undefined".

There is a bug report raised by @AlastorPilkine. #936
Given that this node has not seen an update for over a year, is it likely to be looked at? If not, I'll explore other options. Thanks for all the work.:+1:

If this affected me, I'd give the Node-RED devs a lot more than 1 day to respond to an issue raised on GitHub before bumping it

Especially on a weekend :slight_smile:

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Oops, didn't notice the bug date...

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Also. Now on vacation for a few weeks. So if anyone wants to take a look and raise a pull request it may sounds like a good first issue to get stuck into.

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I wish I had the chops... Have a good holiday :+1:

Well I’d start by adding some console.log debug messages around line 236 of

To see what the complete msg contained and then work out why there is no title or what a better thing to do would be if there isn’t one. (Maybe add a default one, maybe fail cleanly, maybe something else)

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