[SOLVED BY RESTART]RBE node not appearing to work for Pushbullet

I'm trying out node-red-node-pushbullet and it works but seems to repeat any messsages I send from my 'droid phone 3 times

So I thought - never mind -just stick an RBE node in the flow but it doesn't seem to work

So I added a simple inject "Test" to it and that gets filtered fine

The payload on the pushbullet message looks to be identical but its not being filtered

Any ideas

  1. do you have any other pushbullet node receiving data?
  2. Are you displaying only the debug for this tab?

I notice that the three Green messages all have the same id, which is odd. I would not have expected the pushbullet node to send out mulitple messages with the same id. Something odd is going on.

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@zenofmud No other pushbullet node - just installed it yesterday - yes - only this tab for debug

@Colin - yes - there is something up with the pushbullet node but I was hoping the RBE would just be a simple fix

its probably the same msg ID that's mucking things up- I'll try switching off and on again :slight_smile:

restarted NR - ctr;shift-f5 browser - cleared cache - all OK now