Persistent Unwanted Pushbullet Messages

Hi all,

I have a few Ruuvi Tags dotted around my house sending Temperature and Humidity back to Node-Red via Bluetooth. This was always a bit flaky but I managed to build in some resilience with Node-Red.

One of the things I had was some nodes to check the last time the Ruuvi tags had reported their data and if it was over 10 minutes I'd get a notification pushed to my phone with Pushbullet.

This all worked great for a couple of years with me having to log in and Re-deploy Node-Red every now and again when I got that message.

The other week I decided to run a apt update/upgrade and updated some other stuff and the Ruuvi tags stopped reporting altogether!
At this pint I thought, that's fine I'll just stop using them and replace them with Zigbee or WiFi sensors.

Of course I got the "The RuuviTags have stopped reporting" message so I logged into Node-Red and disabled the nodes responsible for that message.

Now to my problem, after disabling those nodes I am still receiving that message via Pushbullet on my phone every hour 24 hours a day!

I have tried restarting Node-Red, rebooting the PC, reinstalling Pushbullet and I have now deleted the nodes responsible for the message. And yet I still keep getting that message.

The only time I managed to stop the message was when I switched off the PC a few minutes before it was due as I thought it was maybe the Pushbullet service that was to blame but as soon as the PC was up and running again it restarted :man_facepalming:

Please tell me there's an easy fix for this that doesn't involve reinstalling Node-Red.

Many thanks


So to be clear, do you have any pushbullet nodes in your flows?

If you go to the hamburger top right, select 'search flows', and search for 'pushbullet', as it's easy to overlook nodes, especially if they are not properly labelled.

Are there any items listed? if so, carefully examine them, to check that they are not sending the messages.

Hi Paul,

I use Pushbullet a lot in Node-Red to let me know what's going on at home, I've just checked and there was only one node that sent the specific message that keeps repeating and it has now been deleted.

Well to be more accurate it's the Function nodes that set the message which is passed to the Pushbullet nodes and it's those I've just checked.

Good idea though, I hadn't thought of checking if I'd copied and pasted the nodes without then changing them!

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