Send Pushbullet to Node Red: not in devices

I've made a flow starting with a Pushbullet In node, in order to react to smartphone pushes.

It works, but I can't address it directly. It doesn't appear among my devices (like Firefox, Chrome, Pixel 2 etc.), so I have to push to all devices in order to reach Node Red. But that means the messages also appear on all other devices.

Is there a way to make Node Red visible in my list of devices, so I can push just to Node Red?

Yes, I seem to remember this not working.
I now use pushover for messaging, because there was a number of annoying issues with pushbullet.
A quick search shows that a issue was created in 2016, which led to this post in 'the old' node-RED forum.
Most users here tend to use Telegram.

Thanks, I saw that post, but it didn't really help. The reason I went for Pushbullet is that it works with Tasker on Android. But I see that Pushover also has Tasker integration, so I'll give that a go.

Update: Pushover can only receive, but not push messages. I went with Join, which works great.

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