Receive push notifications in node-red


I use very often node-red to replicate actions from webapps, or mobile apps... so that i can automate them or integrate into homeassistant...
Usually to investigate flows in webapp I just inspect with Chrome... and for mobile Apps i proxy the http requests/answers to see how they work and replicate in node-red...
All is good for requests...etc, but would there be any way to get in node-red the push notifications that mobile applications get? Not sure if possible, but i'd like to trigger node-red flows once a push notification is received... too mush dreaming? :laughing:


Depends on how the message is being sent and received. A lot of mobile apps use APNs (apple push notification service,) Firebase, or GCM (google cloud messaging.) That would be a lot harder to intercept.

One possible workaround to get your desired functionality, which would require an android device, would be to install the app tasker and some plugins, and have it act as a relay to forward to your node-red instance. A similar, but not identical, idea is discussed here.

Thanks for this answer @JayDickson . I'll try to capture one of the push notifications to know how they arrive because I suspect that they must use some managed service like apns/firebase/gcm...
The other way to have it forwarded by a phone is viable for testing yeah, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I wonder if you might be able to use Pushbullet? AFAIK it "shares" notifications from devices to other devices that are synced together.

There's even a pushbullet node! node-red-node-pushbullet (node) - Node-RED

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