Education context: Push notifications to Android, iOS etc

Hi. I am putting together educational activities within a Code Club context (9 to 11 year olds).
I am exploring ways to send notifications from instructor-provided Raspberry Pi Node-RED devices to participant-provided Android and iOS devices.

Ideally I would like a single app available for both platforms with simple registration and easy connection to the Node-RED instance. Oh, and free for basic, low-volume use.

However, my research so far suggests that:

  1. There is no simple-to-implement cross-platform stack
  2. Implementing even platform-specific solutions requires a lot of set up for each participant's device (e.g. registering for keys)

Any comments or suggestions?


The simplest way i found is telegram, there is also push bullet. both have api's and node-red nodes.
Telegram make it very simple to set up bots. Once registered, keys can be obtained in app.

Simply :-
Register account.
Set up bot (using botfather).
Set up private chat room .
Add yourself and bot (give rights, admins etc)
Get key from botfather in app.
Enter key in node-red nodes.
Obtain chat id.
You should then be able to receive/send notifications to and from chat.

Most applications will require parental consent or for the parent to own the account.

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Thanks for the really comprehensive reply.
Seems perfect for my context.

You should take a look at this thread @dynamicdave posted just a couple hours ago

Thanks! I'll take a look.

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