Receive from Andoid/iOS push alerts/notifications


Is it possible to receive alerts from either Android or iOS somehow?

I can't see any nodes that will do that (tbh I don't even know where to start with this one! :smile: )

What do you mean by receiving an alert?
You can use telegram, for example, to send messages to node-red if that is what you mean.

So for example I have an app on an android phone, I'd like to capture the alerts that this app creates and then send them to a telegram node.

I think that is an Android/iOS question rather than node-red. If you can find an app for the phone that captures the notifications and sends them to Telegram then you can pick them up in node-red.

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You might want to check out Tasker for Android ( Tasker allows to retrieve all kinds of sensor data from your phone (among other things). From there you can integrate with Node-RED using an HTTP Request fro example. Tasker can also access your phone's notifications and you can send those to Node-RED.