Node-red-contrib-stoptimer replacement?

Hi all,

I am using NodeRed addon in Home Assistant. With the latest update (v12.0.2), the stoptimer node was removed according to the change log. The change log also mentioned a way to manually reinstall the node but i dont know how.

What would be an alternative to the stoptimer node or how do i install it manually? I used it in most of my current automation (turning light off) so i need to fix it soon. Thank you.

This is probably a question for the HA forum as not many here use HA

You can easily use the Trigger node to get the same level of functionality and not need to rely on a 3rd party node as Trigger is part of the core group of nodes


Can’t you install it via the palette manager in the sidebar? (Note: I’ve never used HA)

Will try the trigger node.

I tried to search for it in the palette manager and nothing shows up under "stoptimer".

here you go if you want to stay with it


Thank you for the link. How do i get it to install in Home Assistant? I see an option to upload tgz file but i couldnt figured out how to download the file via the site you sent.

Go into Node Red (as you normally would for creating a flow) as the admin user - go to the hamburger menu and the manage pallette option.

Choose install in there and paste in


Choose it from the list and install


Just want to update the thread with a solution that i founded. Just to help others down the road.

The stoptimer is not showing up in the palette manager so i have to manually install it. All the nodes are install via the npm command via the node documentation on the site. Since i am running NodeRed via Home Assistant i cant run that command (not sure where to run it). So after much digging i found that in the NodeRed addon configuration there is a place to put in the "npm" command so that when the NodeRed addon start it will load nodes.

Using the delay and trigger node does help. I have a lot of automation setup with the stoptimer node, so just easier to add the node back in than reconfigure all my automations.

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