Update : missing nodes

I just performed the Node-Red 12.0.2 update (Home Assistant) and I get the message "Flows stopped due to missing types: stoptimer". What should be done to recover these nodes?

install stoptimer package or remove all "unknown" nodes from your flows and deploy.

Thank you, it's now ok but I don't understand the principle

  1. stoptimer was installed in the previous version since I used nodes
  2. it did not offer an update neither in the old version nor in the new

Here is what I did:

  • after installing the new version (12.0.2) I installed stoptimer again
  • he removed all the stoptimer nodes from the flow
  • I restored the old version in order to raise the parameters of the nodes
  • I reinstalled the new version again and without doing anything else the stoptimer nodes are present ??????

You will have to ask on the HA forum since they have scripts/routines that control how node-red is installed/updated in the container that HA sets up for node-red

EDIT: Just to be clear - Node-red installed manually (not via HA) NEVER removes nodes from your flow


There is no node-red version 12.0.2 - that is a HA thing. Node-red version current is 2.2.2.


C'est la version 2.2.2

12.0.2 is mentioned in Home Assistant's add-on manager :

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