Node-red-contrib-streamdeck change USB path

I have work with this nodes but have some try change usb path for this node?
When Node-Red is starting, he discover connected device (streamdeck) and if during run streamdeck has change usb port he can't connect with him. He can list all streamdeck in system with they path, but sending node can't see it any more.
Is there away to update path in this nodes? or mamy some walk around like changing usb path in system?/virtual usb port with routing??

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Can you explain what you mean by that please? If you mean that the usb changes, for example, from tty/USB0 to tty/USB1 then the solution is to use a udev rule so that the device is always available at the same port. See How udev rules can help us to recognize a usb-to-serial device over /dev/tty interface - DEV Community

Yes, and this is nice solution. But as I understood it identify it by some ID. In my installation there will be few stream decks and few raspberry, So in one time there will be always one stream deck in one nod-red. But if for some reasons (for eg. moving installation) some one will plug out and change stream decks places (can't be sure that always this stream deck will work will exactly the same RPI and node-red), then I have problem to find where is proper strem deck... and don't know if it will be always 4 stream decks or 20. So walk around is to restart flow to reincation scan for devices i think, but I must dive in Node-red Api :slight_smile: (restart of whole node-red service
take to much time)

But thanks for advice I was forgot to look at this problem from RPI side :slight_smile:

You should be able identify a udev property which says it is a streamdeck, rather than identifying an individual one. So possibly Vendor and Device but not Serial number. Then any one plugged in will be recognised.

Great :slight_smile: Thanks for point me a direction :slight_smile:


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