Node-red-contrib-sun-position, blind control

Hi there,
I'm trying to automate my shutter control with 'node-red-contrib-sun-position'. The following problem has arisen: before the roller shutters open completely, the slats should first open (20%). This only makes sense if the sun has already risen. So I defined a rule:
Elevation of sun > -1.0
(Elevation of sun' > -1.0 [ 20.174 > -1.0]
↥ until 15:00 [ 15:00:00 (2022-02-15T14:00:00.000Z)]
blind position: :arrow_up_down: absolute 20).
However, this rule is not taken into account.
Debug Message: position is set to default position because no other rule matches
If I enter positive values ​​for the elevation, the rule is taken into account. Is it wanted like that. And if so, why is that?

There is a "blind controller" node that seems to take care of all the things you are looking for.

Yes sure, a "blind control". Sorry, my mistake.
I think it's best if I make a bug report in github. "bug report"

I was referring to a different node, not sun-position, but blind controller, please follow the link i posted.

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