Open the roller shutter at a height of less than 10° sun elevation


I run node-red-contrib-sun-position in version 2.2.0 and use the blind-node there

I would like the sun restriction to start at an (azimuth) angle of 213° (that also works) and end at a sun elevation angle below 10° (unfortunately that doesn't work :frowning: )

My settings:

This means that the roller shutter has risen to 33% when the sun has reached an angle of 213° :slight_smile:
However, when the sun's elevation angle fell below 10°, nothing happened :frowning:

It wasn't until around 11:20 p.m. that the shutter went up again....

What do I have to set so that the sun restriction ends at an elevation angle < 10° (this should have been around 7:55 p.m. yesterday)?

Thank you very much for your help and please sorry my bad english...

Not sure if this helps but I mostly use those nodes to output MQTT messages for things I want to later check for.

That way, the logic for getting the information and the logic for using the information are kept separate which is easier to debug.


Do I have to use the sun position as an input node?I was hoping that the position would be calculated internally.I only use a cyclic timer as input.

Not sure what you mean? The sun angle will change throughout the year so you need something to calculate that. There are several nodes that can do that I think but suncalc is the one I prefer to use.

All I'm doing is sending updates to MQTT every minute from the suncalc nodes. Then I can just use MQTT subscriptions to do everything else.

That's right.
I hope that the blind node does this calculation internally, because I can adjust the elevation angle of the sun directly.


Sonnenhöhenwinkel is sun elevation in english

The azimuth of the sun is also calculated internally. I just only need to inject a timestamp.

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