Node-red-contrib-telegrambot get last message

Hello all,

Does this Telegram BOT allow to retrieve last message content, knowing the last message ID?

No. You need to retain it in your flow.

Oke that is what I was afraid of. I'm doing that right now but I need this information for several users and am not sure how resources are affected if I need to retain all last messages for cases in which I need the message only in about 1 out of 100 cases.

What about editing a message, not sure how that works, can the message text be retrieved when editing? Does the message content need to be replaced entirely?

Storing 100 messages in flow or global context is trivial and will not impact anything at all tbh.

I think you get another msg in node-red but it's easy to test and figure out.

Id probably use an array or lookup object to store last 100 messages. When you have a request to retrieve last message by message id, search array or lookup in object.

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