Dear all,

I have published the node node-red-contrib-timeouttrigger.

There seems to be an issue that I cannot make heads or tails of: No message pass through after reinstallation of the node · Issue #5 · Sineos/node-red-contrib-timeouttrigger · GitHub

It seems that the node stops processing incoming messages after exporting / importing existing flows. It will pick up processing again after simply opening it, closing it and redeploying.

The node itself is not a complex thing and I'm also not able to reproduce this unwanted behavior. Also, my Google Kung Fu seems weak and did not turn up anything useful.

Has anybody experienced similar? Any hint where to even start searching would be highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

That sounds to me like an issue with field validation. The latest version of node-red is more strict with validations. To replicate I suggest starting with fresh install of node red 2.x. Install your node and configure it. Then upgrade node-red to the latest and restart. I suspect they will show the red triangle.

Edit, you might need to start with an older version of your node too and upgrade that also.

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You likely need to also default the passthrough variable in the server side

this.passthrough = n.passthrough ?? true; // default to true if value is nullish

If the node is already on the workspace but does not have a passthrough value in the export json, it will be missing from the server side.

This can happen when node packages are upgraded with new capabilities but an old flow does not have these new properties.

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Thank you very much for your input.

In fact, I already tried this from NR v2.2. Did not give me any issue. Thanks a lot, nevertheless.

That did the trick. In fact, starting with timeouttrigger v0.0.2 (without passthrough) and importing to an already installed v0.0.4 made it fail just like described.
Implementing the server-sided initialization fixed it.
Many thanks! This would have been a long and tedious search without your input!

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