Node-red-contrib-ui-svg / DrawSVG

I'm running Node-RED on the IBM Cloud when I came across node-red-contrib-ui-svg. What an opportunity to create dynamic dashboards for a home automation setup!

Trying to find my around the wiki I tried to start the SVG editor. The window pops up but the editor doesn't load. Can't close the window ('X') and the only way to get rid of it is to refresh the browser tab. Tried Chrome and Firefox.

I only added the node to Node-RED. Did I miss any steps?

Firstly, does the machine you are looking at (the client side browser you are working on node-red) have internet? & does the node-red server have internet?

Same settings as in screenshot image

Re Internet yes to the client. The Node-RED instance runs on the IBM Cloud.

The issue with the editor URL started with http:// I changed it to https:// and now it works!

Thanks for the tip.

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Hi Thomas,
Thanks for reporting this.
I have logged an issue in our repository, so we can solve it (if we ever find time ...).

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