Node-red-contrib-uk-national-rail stopped working?

Is anyone else having trouble with this node?

I'm using it to show a departures board for my local station. The table does refresh, but the trains shown do not go from the station code requested (I think they are departures from Winchester):

Edit: I pass station code "GLQ" (Glasgow Queen Street).
The message retrieved from the API has msg.station = "GLQ" but msg.topic (which "shows the station code of the station selected") = "WIN"

I don't think the rail network map is currently being updated at the moment. This is the area I monitor.

I've seen a train, on a webcam, arrive and depart at Princes Risborough - but NOT on the map.

Solved. I found "WIN" hard coded in the National Rail node config. How did that get there?

ps Thanks Dave, different API I think.

Just tried to use it. Successfully registered an API key. But trying to use it in the node gives

Does it take time for the registration to activate? I had a confirmation email.

What does your API key look like? Mine is 30+ hex characters plus hyphens.

Working now. It obviously takes a bit of time to activate.

BTW, if you want parsable, reliable UK train times, try Accessible UK Train Timetables ( - that is great for forward planning.

Yup, I use that for planning trips and/or finding an alternative route when the train I'm on is delayed / cancelled. A rare occurrence!

Matthew's site is great for planning a journey but disappointing for finding split tickets.

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