Node-red-contrib-web-babylonjs - cool 3D Visual

Still long way to reach a decent state of release, but after adding a rotation,
I was testing the rotation in the 3 different axis, it gives me this cool 3D visual.


More updates :slight_smile:, still making progress with a speed of :turtle:
Project Link for Reference (

Adding Standard Materials
diffuse (Color), specular (reflective), Alpha (Transparency)

Refactor the mesh configuration window, make it collapsible using mqtt nodes as reference.

Getting closer to usable alpha version


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FYI - I was playing (needs some documentation) and caused it to crash Node-RED.
Opened an issue on GitHub: Crashed Node-red: Error: server.handleUpgrade() was called more than once... · Issue #12 · ahmadsayed/node-red-contrib-web-babylonjs · GitHub