3D dashboards on NodeRed

Hey. I am new to Node-Red and have been using it to make an electric bike dashboard and I wanted to know if there is any way to create 3D objects , backgrounds or units without using things like Babylon.js or the default dashboard 3D library (the one with set objects) or UI builder. open to suggestions !

I once created a flow that created a 3D representation of a flow. It uses babylon.js and is a complete experiment. I got it that far that I could move nodes in 3D and that was sync'ed back to the flow in 2D (and vice versa).

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Nothing currently in UIBUILDER I'm afraid. And probably wouldn't be anything native there anyway. Sadly, I don't have the free time to devote to something like that.

However, if someone wanted to have a go, I'd happily help them. You could model something on the uib-select node to deliver a custom 3D environment.

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Sounds creative and very cool implementation as well !

I would like to work on making a custom set of nodes which will help deploy a new 3D environment using previous models and stuff like blender models (STL or OBJ files) which is the ultimate goal.

I always wanted to take up a side-project and contribute to the community . Would be glad to take up the project and will do the initial stages and make a overview of the project as a whole !

Cool. If you want to discuss the basic framework, either PM me or we can start a discussion in the uibuilder repo.

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