Node-red-contrib-zigbee - documentation

Hello all,

i'm trying to set up the " node-red-contrib-zigbee" node, but one of the open points is the documentation. No offence, i understand not everything can be done at once.

I think i have set up my herdsmen node and in the 'devices -> networkmap', i see my coordinator.
But i have no clue what i need to set up in some parameters.
fe: do i need to have 'conbee' or 'Z-Stack' in the adapter?

Does anyone know how to set up devices?
I thought i would find my device in the networkmap, but i don't know if there is an issue with my device or with my setup in NodeRed...

Does anyone has fe. an example on how to setup this?

already thanks.

The author may not visit this forum - you might have more success reading through the open and closed issues on the repo

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