Node-Red Dashboard COM Port Selector

I am interested in making a node for the user interface which is a cross platform COM Port / USB Serial Device Selector. I have never had an opportunity to contribute to an opensource project before but this seems like a contribution that would be both useful for me and good for the community. Could someone point me in the right direction on how I could get started scoping this out and getting approval to begin creating this node and getting it added to the node red dashboard package?

I would suggest starting here...

Users additions to node-red are typically standalone contribution nodes (not added to core or dashboard) & usually named node-red-contrib-xxxxx or if its a dashboard node node-red-contrib-ui-xxxxx

However, if this is some feature you wish to add to existing node-red-dashboard nodes, then you would probably be wise to start by discussing your goals with Dave (@dceejay) who maintains node-red-dashboard.

Assuming Dave is happy for you to add directly to node-red-dashboard, typically you would fork the repo, apply your modifications to your personal fork then raise a Pull Request against your changes back to the node-red-dashboard repo for Dave to assess & accept/integrate

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