Adding new nodes to the node-red-contrib-mdashboard


Is it possible to add a new nodes to the node-red-contrib-mdashboard?
I'm especially interested with adding the node-red-contrib-ui-level.

no idea - it is a fork of the main node-red-dashboard - you will need to ask the author directly. (You can't install both at the same time)


Thank you for the response.

I already asked author directly, but I don't know if I will get an answer.

You can have a booth dashboards installed at the same time
You will get a second dashboard tab, and config node.
To access the second dashboard you point your browser to "mui" instead of "ui" or change the configuration in settings.js.

The dashboard works nice for multi users, I only tested for 2 so far;-).
I'm setting web-socket of the requestor as a variable, locking incoming messages until task is completed and send info back to the requestor. I'm using it to visualise data from SQL query.

I know this is not a "proper" way of doing this, but it works for me and I don't have enough programming skills to do it properly.

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Ah good - he must have de-conflicted them - that is good to know.
(but yes - is up to him to add support for other widgets)

Hmmm last update was 11 months ago...

Yes, that's why I post asking for help over here . If there was no update for that long author may abandon the project and may not get back to me.

In which case the answer to your original question is no
(unless you fork his node and update it and add the required functionality...)

I will wait for the response whilst trying to do it myself.
I started with comparing what is different between the "original" dashboard and the mdashboard.

I will appreciate any hints and directions.