Another dashboard with mdashboard shows up but does not work?

a lot of people ask here for how to have different dashboards?
I simply wanted to have a second dashboard with only showing a subset of output nodes, mainly some charts.
I thought "node-red-contrib-mdashboard" would be just what i was looking for.
So i did set up a little test and it seems to display very nice two independent dashboards (localhost:port/ui & localhost:port/mui).
BUT: No data is showing up in the …/mui dashboard!?

This seems to be an old problem and is covered already in other topics.
There is the statement, that you can not have both node-red-dashboard AND node-red-contrib-mdashboard in the same node-red.
Is that really true or only not working properly.
What is the intention then for "node-red-contrib-mdashboard"?
Is there a solution to this issue in the meantime?

I think you might have to ask the node author.

I'll have to. Thanks!

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