Node Red Dashboard Slow

The dashboard is very slow when you press the toggle switch. It loads fine and changing tabs is fast but only slow when I press toggle switches. Also, the editor is slow when I inject. It takes a long time until it actually injects after clicking.

Maybe you can give us some more info regarding the NR version, what dashboard and what dashboard version you are using.
Some info regarding the hardware you are using to run NR on, what OS and what hardware you use to edit NR.

Node18, NR V3.0.2 on Raspberry pi 4 4gb.

I use my laptop to access both the editor and the dashboard.

How do you access the dashboard? By browser or Vnc viewer.

Browser - Chrome

In the pi run top and check if something is hogging the processor.

Node-red is using the most CPU at about 30%

That is high, but not high enough to slow it down.
If you feed an inject node direct into a debug node do you see a delay when you click the inject node?

Yes, there is a delay between injecting it and the response from debug node.

That is unusual. Does it make a difference if you do not have a browser tab open on the dashboard?

Are you using Charts? If so how often are they being updated?

What rate are other data on the dashboard being updated at and are there a lot of them?

No difference.
Only one chart for 800 points or 2 hours of data.

I just disabled a ping node that pings 100 IPs and now the delays are gone in toggling and injecting. These are all machines on the floor.

I am pinging all in one ping node. Is there a better way to do this?

If you let the pings run but disconnect the wire on the ping node output what happens?

The ping node spawns out to the OS level ping command - so doing that for 100 addresses would be like opening 100 windows and running the command in each... not really a good way to check 100 machines to be honest.

That doesn't help.

Is there a better way to do this?

SNMP is the tool generally used for monitoring devices on a network, if that is what you are doing.

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