Node-Red DNS Resolution

I have NR running as an addon in HomeAssistant. I have a msg.payload.url that only works when I use the ip address instead of the hostname. How can I make sure NR is using my internal dns servers? I read elsewhere that adding network_mode: "host" to docker-compose.yaml file solved it for someone else but I do not believe there is a docker compose file when running as an addon for HA or is there?

Can you access the domain name from that machine using something outside node red? Ping for example.

Yes, I can. It is actually the homeassistant host itself. I'm hosting an mp3 at an endpoint.

You may need to ask in the HA forum as it's more a configuration on their side of things rather than anything Node-RED does.

OK, I'll give that a try. Since I was able to ssh into HA and it is able to resolve the hostname, I thought this would be a NR issue.

But HA find Node-RED in a docker container, so it will be down to how they have set that up, just because you can resolve from the host doesn't mean you can resolve from within the container

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