Node-red-docker fails to build docker images

Currently if you clone down node-red-docker and run the docker-custom/ script it fails to complete with an error:

rm: '/tmp/v8-compile-cache-0' is a directory
The command '/bin/sh -c chown -R node-red:node-red /usr/src/node-red &&     /tmp/ &&     rm /tmp/*' returned a non-zero code: 1

I was able to fix the issue by adding a recursive flag to the RUN instruction in the Dockerfile.custom on line 70. Here is an example of that step with the fix:

# Chown, install devtools & Clean up
RUN chown -R node-red:node-red /usr/src/node-red && \
    /tmp/ && \
    rm -r /tmp/*

After making the PR I noticed that the CI builds were failing for the same reason, so I added the proposed fix to that as well.

Created an issue and PR with proposed fix.

Fix was merged!

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