Node-red doesn't start

I start node-red but i have this error and the web interface is not loading nothing.
How can I fix this?

Please show us what is in the log before that error please, from the start.

Also tell us what OS/hardware you are running on

Running on a Windows Server 2016 Standard with 4GB RAM. Is used only to run node-red.
This is to complete log

This is possibly due to having both dashboard and mDashboard both installed at the same time. I believe they conflict each other.

Either that or something in ui-svg node is conflicted or your SVG node is added to a mui node and it is incompatible.

Basically, mDashboard is dead, don't expect it to work 100%

but if I'm unable to access the web interface how can i know and eventually fix the problem?

You can remove any npm package using npm uninstall node-red-contrib-xxxxx in your .node-red directory.

Open CMD, cd to .node-red then npm uninstall bad node, then start node-red (if necessary using --safe)

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Thank you for the help! This works.

Sorry, I first think that this work. But after i uninstall mDashboard and relaunch the node-red, I have the same problem. There is an error with the ui.js file and the flow is not started. How can i fix this?

You can start Node-RED in safe mode by using the --safe command-line argument.

That will start Node-RED without running your flows. You will then be able to open the editor and make changes to your flows before deploying them to start them running.

In this case, you could try deleting any of the svg nodes you have in your flows.

You also have a problem with node-red-contrib-barcode (see the start of the log) that you should fix - probably remove it.

Thanks this help me a lot. The problem was that i have some blocking queries. After deleting this nodes is all working correctly. Thanks to all for the support.

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