Node-Red DropBox Proxy (Windows)

I have been asked to develop a Node-Red flow to interact with DropBox.

Using the DropBox node, I can upload and download, however, when I am connected via the corporate network I experience what appears to be connection issues due the corporate proxy settings.

The error is:

Is there a way to set the proxy settings for the DropBox node?

Not sure if it respects environment variables? You could try setting the proxy that way. Common on Linux platforms, not so common on Windows but worth a try. You’ll need to look up the environment variable names though, I’m afraid I don’t remember them.

Hi, Thank you for your suggestion,

I created the following two environment variables, rebooted, but still failing to upload to DropBox. If I disconnect from the corporate network the upload is successful.

Variable name: http_proxy
Variable value:

Variable name: https_proxy
Variable value:

Sounds like it is time to speak to corporate IT…