Node red error when starting error 1C80006B

Hi first timr using the forum.

I have just install the gree HVAC node and when I deployed 1 instance of the node it worked perfectly.

Adding another node has caused node red to crash.

When I restart Node Red I get the error 1C80006B: Provider routines : :wrong final block length.
Now when I try to connect to Node red via a browser, i get a connection refused error and therefore cannot access the flow to delete it.

Question: Am I able to delete the flow without access to the web interface to remove the flow that is causing the issue, or is there another way to overcome this issue?

Welcome to the forum @subjects

If you stop node-red and start it again using
node-red --safe
then it will start the editor but not the runtime flows, so that should let you get in to do what you need to do. When you then Deploy it will start the flows.

Thank you

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